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Michelle Nickolaisen

As mentioned on the Client Follow Up card, a good client follow up system will have three sets of emails:

  • An email to send immediately after wrapping up your original work with the client
  • An email for 1-3 months after your first project is done
  • A “keep in touch” email for touching base after that

Some example emails are below, though you’ll want to modify them for your voice and clients (and follow up offerings, obviously!). These are worded for more personal relationships with clients, so if your relationship tot eh client is strictly professional or they're at a larger company, you'll want to adjust accordingly. 

The project wrap-up email

Send your modified version of this email along with your usual “we’re done!” project notes and recap, or directly after you send those.

Hi [client name]!

I wanted to send you one final note to confirm that we’ve wrapped up the [project description]. Thanks again for choosing to work together–I really enjoyed the process [include some notes here about your favorite part of working with them – their enthusiasm, their willingness to try a different solution, etc.].

Sometimes, people need a little follow-up assistance. If you find that you do need some additional work, I do have a few options for you:

[Insert details and description of your “next step” service, including cost. For more on creating follow up services, check out the Client Follow Up card.] 

[Insert details and description of your retainer service, including cost.]

Let me know if you’re interested in either of these and we’ll get you set up, if so. If not, no worries–it was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to keeping in touch in the future!

[your name]

The follow-up services email

This email is for one to three months after you finish working together, depending on what your follow up services are.

Hi [client name],

I just wanted to check in with you after our previous work together. I loved working with you on [insert details about work together] last year/month/[insert appropriate timeframe]. How are things going? [Ask about what’s going on in their life here–this is where your CRM tool comes in handy! Alternately, if you have an industry resource or useful article, include it here.]

I also wanted to let you know that I have some upcoming client availability for next [month, quarter, etc.]. For previous clients, I offer [talk about your service offerings here–whether it’s a la carte design elements or a specific follow up service or what-have-you]. If you need any help in that department, I’d love to have you–just let me know or give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Either way, thank you again for choosing to work with me and have a wonderful day,

[your name]

The “keep in touch” email

This is pretty malleable–the idea is that you just want to stay a part of people’s lives, even if you don’t continue working together. If nothing else, people always remember those who made them feel special, and that means that they’re that much more likely to remember you and refer you to others. Around three months down the line from the follow-up services email, send this one:

Hi [client name]!

How are you doing? I saw that [you moved, had a baby, got a new dog, etc.]–how’s that going? [It’s going to depend on what’s going on in their life but this is a good place to say you hope that’s going well, or that you sympathize because you just moved a few months ago, etc.]

[The next paragraph is optional depending on when you last corresponded with them and what you talked about–if they’re regularly sending you referrals, you don’t want to remind them of referrals, for example. And it should be modified so that it’s not exactly the same as previous correspondence, because you don’t want to sound robotic!]

I also wanted to give you a heads up that I have some upcoming client availability for next [month, quarter, etc.]. As you probably remember, I specialize in (insert some details about what kind of work/clients you’re looking for), and if you know anyone who could use help in that department, I’d love it if you sent them my way. [If you want to offer any kind of referral program–like, people who send you referrals get 5% of the deposit, or whatever–this is the place to mention that.] And of course, if you yourself need any further assistance in that department, I’d love to help you–just let me know or give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Either way, thanks again for being a great client, and let me know if I can do anything to help you outside of work–whether that’s [moving resources or pet training resources or something that ties in with what’s going on with their life] or anything else! :)

Have a great day,

[your name]