A friendlier way to find work

We started Domino to help you find work through your friends. ..You do you have friends, right?



Domino is a search engine

It's designed to help you and your friends find work through each another. When someone searches Domino, they're shown people based on the recommendations they've received from their mutual friends.

Cosmo Kramer
Designer, New York City

Recommendations are the heart of Domino

On Domino, you recommend people whom you trust to do a great job. They could be friends, or former colleagues. Your recommendation says "If you trust me, then you can trust this person - hire them".

Friends You've Recommended
Francis Chimera
Daniel Zurich
Wand Jeffrey
James Cape
Tobias Van Party
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People can follow you to see your recommendations

When someone follows you, your relevant recommendations are added to their Domino search results.

Showing results for designers with > 10 years of experience
Recommended by Cosmo Kramer
Stefan Stagmeister
Michael Tripoli
Ben Pirouette
John Jones
Simeon Simms
Arthur Archon

We're freelancers, too.

We've found that the best projects always came from our friends, so we wanted to create a site that helped our friends find work through their friends, and their friends and so on. Domino is the result.

Your work here is done.

We automatically display work from your Dribbble, Github, or Squarespace site. You can add your portfolio manually, too, but once you join Domino you don't have to lift a finger.

Setup & Sit Back

Want more control on how you appear in search results? Create a profile and you can share your availability, featured work, your rate, endorsements from past clients and more.

Public or Private

Set your profile to "private" and only people in your extended group of friends can see and message you. You'll receive fewer projects, but they'll be from people you know.

Sunlight or Moonlight

It doesn't matter if you're freelancing full time or part time. People can see your status so you only receive projects that are a good fit for you and your schedule.

No spammers, no jerks.

We actively bar spammy recruiters from using Domino & blacklist companies that our members have consistently bad experiences with.

No lowballing

We're interested in doing great work for companies that value it. We keep tabs on the companies that use Domino to ensure the rates they pay are fair. Lowballers can look elsewhere.

Brain Stew

Our community created Spot, a crowdsourced collection of quick, practical guides to help you get up to speed with running your freelance business.


When you join you get access to discounts on services and tools like Croissant and Cushion.

I want in!

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