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iOS Developer with over 80 apps and 7+ years of experience

I'm currently working on several macOS apps - some for writers/authors and the others for developers or to boost personal productivity. I enjoy working on tools that I personally want to use since I don't see the point in developing just for the sake of doing some development work. But if an app fills a need and I can personally benefit from it, I'm all of doing the necessary work on such an app :)

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iOS/Reactjs Consultant

Hey everyone! I'm Charles, founder of App and Flow, a digital agency based in Montreal, Canada.
We specialize in iOS and React development, and are always on the lookout for cool projects! Get in touch :D

Experienced iOS developer with a proven track record helping clients deliver exceptional software

With five years experience and 20+ apps launched on the App Store, I have a proven track record helping companies build exceptional software. I can help you design, build, test, and deploy your app. I take pride in the quality of my work and I build strong, lasting relationships with my clients. 

If you think I might be a good fit for your next iOS project, get in touch!

Award-Winning iOS & Mac Developer

A dedicated, hard-working software engineer, with over 8 years experience developing applications for iOS and Mac.

Having been employed in the software industry for over 10 years, I have worked with teams of various sizes to design, develop, and maintain enterprise and consumer software.

I'm looking to work on well-designed, high-quality iOS & Mac apps. Let's talk!

Indie macOS & iOS developer.

I'm a US-based indie developer with 25+ years Mac experience and 8+ years iOS experience, and several shipped apps.  Take a look at my site to learn more about me and see my apps.  If you think I can help, please get in touch.

iOS mobile and web service developer, hammock camper, father

I've worked on a number of mobile projects, including: games, therapy support, super-accurate metronome for musicians, bank app. As a war-gamer I also created (not just coded... did all the work except for design) CrewFaux - a helper app for the global Malifaux community. It's ranked 4.8+ on Google Play, 5* on AppStore and is reported to be the best app in its class.

Senior iOS Engineer

I'm an entrepreneur and seasoned iOS engineer that has a proven track record of delivering high quality consumer applications. I have a wealth of experience architecting apps from the ground up, and I enjoy creating seamless, polished experiences that delight users.

I've worked at SF startups that range from very early to mid stage, and I'm eager to take what I've learned into my next role. I'm looking for a place where I can have a big impact and do awesome work.

iOS engineer with an MFA in creative writing and BA in computer science

Long ago I worked at Bell/AT&T Laboratories, creating a search engine. With a partner from the Labs, I went on to create ByteCourier, a precursor to Dropbox. I then moved to Boston and worked for a dev shop, contributing to web-based applications, for another year. Then I got sick of all that cold with no fun to be made of it and moved to Utah to be a ski instructor for four winters. Back in NYC I got a graduate degree in creative writing and became a high-stakes jury consultant. 

I got back into software working on the first out-of-the-box iOS book app for small publishers, particularly Human Rights Watch. 

Last year I spent 6 months as a lead iOS developer at an early-stage startup. 

I volunteer iOS work for the homelessness-relief charity WeShelter. 

I'm hoping to contribute to iOS projects that have something positive, however modestly so, to offer the user/world. I have more experience working in Objective-C than Swift, though I'm happy to take on projects in either language. I am also eminently qualified to contribute on the strategy and content development end.

a heart-core snowboarder and an avid hacker

My name is Furkan, a maker/developer/entrepreneur who is currently breathing in Istanbul. I have graduated from Bilkent University with a major in Computer Science at 2009. While studying, I was amazed by the iPhone and immediately started working on it with the first release of the SDK and never looked back.

I've worked at Tribal Worldwide Istanbul as a senior developer for ~1.5 years and co-founded a company (Studio Nord) which was focusing on mobile applications. I've worked there as the Technical Partner/Lead iOS Developer for 3 years and switched to being an indie developer. In that 7 years, I've had the chance to work with several startups/companies and digital agencies including Fortune 500 companies and Y combinator startups.

Lately, I've teamed up with my brother who is an experienced stack developer under the name of epcsht ( and started building iOS applications with scalable backend APIs.

Nerd Notes: On iOS, we are using Swift and following the MVVM pattern. On the backend we are using MEAN Stack, Redis and Docker but also using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery whenever needed. If the product is on the MVP stage, we can also help with the DevOps stuff, in the previous projects we mostly built and managed the servers in the first stages of the products.

Your mobile CTO (iOS) for hire

My focus is on helping small businesses bring their iPhone/iPad app idea to life. 

Unlike other consultants or developers, I’m both an experienced product manager and an active developer, so I can ensure a strategy that furthers your business goals and is technically feasible.

Special bonus for project that require someone who is bilingual French/English

Learn more about my work at

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Over the past 6 years I’ve worked with small startups to Fortune 500 companies, delivering web and mobile apps to millions of active users. I’ve lead a mobile applications team and worked in everything from DevOps, graphics, web and native mobile development in my career. My passion for creating beautiful stable web and mobile applications, has afforded me an extremely holistic view of software development.

Front-end Web Developer

I am a freelance web developer currently based in Prague, but I am travelling so only taking on remote roles. 

I am very familiar with front-end technologies, HTML/CSS, Javascript, with experience with Angular React, and React Native. I also am familiar with WordPress, but only custom themes. None of this using someone else's and throwing in content.

I also have a Native iOS app background, having built an app for Diabetes UK that toured around the country and an app for Bono's charity One, that captured signatures during the U2 world tour.

Crafting web & mobile business apps

I build native iOS apps and handy web products making organisations more productive.

Technology Director

Interested in all things digital and interactive.  I love the feeling of learning something new and making something from nothing.  Started in web development and continue today, but recently acquired a love for physical projects (interactive installations, kiosks, trade show booths, etc).  Anything different and challenging that forces me to learn something new!

Product Design & Development Agency

Aerolab is a product design agency based in Buenos Aires and San Francisco. We over 50 people, including developers & designers and have proven expertise in full product development. We worked for startups like Airbnb, Xapo & Udacity and are currently redesigning a bank.

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Freelance Digital Product Designer

Freelance digital product designer based in Brisbane, Australia. I've spent the past 10 years working with emerging startups and established businesses around the world, creating engaging product experiences through beautifully simple interfaces.

Full-stack digital producer

I ship products, and I do it quickly

Senior Full-stack developer with strong UX / DevOps / and product experience.

I've been working a lot with Django and docker recently, helping projects and teams evolve to a 12-factor methodology (, and work on getting the dev team into a good place.

Looking to fill my work pipeline with some django, cloud, and docker projects.

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