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Hello, I'm Martin — a freelance Python programmer and data scientist based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

I build data analysis, machine learning and visualisation tools using the scientific Python stack (numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas), web/APIs with Django/Flask and applications with PyQt. A big fan of optimisation and automation I like to simplify the process of getting 'useful' information out of data.

iOS Developer with over 80 apps and 7+ years of experience

I'm currently working on several macOS apps - some for writers/authors and the others for developers or to boost personal productivity. I enjoy working on tools that I personally want to use since I don't see the point in developing just for the sake of doing some development work. But if an app fills a need and I can personally benefit from it, I'm all of doing the necessary work on such an app :)

Full Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer

I've 7 years of experience in Ruby on Rails and more than double in computer science. Here's what I can do for you:
- Website, API, back office, script, background job
- System administration, VPS, AWS, dedicated server
- Security, authentication, oauth
- Push notifications, email, sms
- Integration of plugins, social networks and online services
- Data modeling, SQL, NoSQL
- Testing, debugging and code optimization
- Case studies, documentations, advices, specifications
- and much more

Professional and customer-centric, I'd be happy to answer your inquiries.

Web Developer

I work on all kinds of projects from both front and backend development through to virtual reality. I have a lot of experience with maps on the web, both 2D and 3D. I specialise in JavaScript and published a book in 2014 titled JavaScript Creativity which explored the cutting edge of the web at the time.

I’m obsessed with Jaws, I love dogs, I like peach bellinis and black roses and I play with knives. And I bake hobnobs. Too many pairs of shoes (apparently). Bit gobby :o)

I'm a freelance WordPress and frontend developer with almost 20yrs of experience. I build ongoing relationships with my clients through hard work, dependability, honesty & good communication.

Developing on various platforms for over 17 years

Hi, I'm Luke, a technical founder and software engineer from Sonoma, CA. I'm interested in using the technologies within my skillset and business experience to help move businesses closer to their goals rapidly.

User Experience Designer and Web Developer

I'm a user experience designer and developer based in New York City. When I’m not working with clients, I like to spend time with my wife, play music, and travel. Most recently I started a company called Lightmatter where I led a team of 8 and partnered with companies ranging from small startups to major publishers. Here are a few select organizations I've been fortunate enough to work with: Greatist, Fluent City, Heyday, and Global Citizen.

Custom Development and Design

I'm a Web Developer and Designer who is eager to better my skills and myself.

I specialize in creating customized, visually stunning websites that you can't wait to show off. I pride myself in my attention to detail and will work with you to create your perfect website.

My proficiencies include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere.

My hobbies include Reading, Video Games, Cooking and Roleplaying Games.

Crafting web & mobile business apps

I build native iOS apps and handy web products making organisations more productive.

Senior Developer and Technical Director with over 15 Years Industry Experience

In the past few years I've successfully managed hundreds of projects for well-known brands like Honda, Subaru, National Express, NHS, MG, Isuzu, Lotus and many more. I have a proven record of delivering security-focussed projects which include working through PCI compliance and delivering £million+ e-commerce systems.

Code and data

Tendi Muchenje is a freelance Developer working in Asheville, NC.  Tendi specializes in Python, JavaScript, and Data Science.

Full-stack digital producer

I ship products, and I do it quickly

Senior Full-stack developer with strong UX / DevOps / and product experience.

I've been working a lot with Django and docker recently, helping projects and teams evolve to a 12-factor methodology (12factor.net), and work on getting the dev team into a good place.

Looking to fill my work pipeline with some django, cloud, and docker projects.

I do astrophysics, image processing, and web development.

I'm a software developer specializing in computer vision and image processing.  I also enjoy sports analytics, especially basketball.

My background is in astrophysics.  If you are looking for image processing, computer vision, or big data analysis, let's chat!

Software Engineer - Python / Ruby / PHP - web apps, APIs

I am a Software Engineer and product lead who specialises in building web apps for global companies, organizations and startups. I work remotely with teams to build appropriate, elegant and reliable solutions to complex problems – helping them reach business goals with technology, on-budget, on-time. I'm from Bristol in the UK and am currently travelling in Asia.

I have considerable framework experience cross-language, and over the last few years have been working full-time on a large Django app + microservices for a web archiving company, as well as some other Django and Rails projects, amongst my skills are:

- Frontend development with various templating engines and precompilers such as CoffeeScript and SASS
- Backend development with Django, Symfony and Rails (+ others)
- Database design – expert in various RDBMS (Postgres, MySQL, others)
- Restful API consumption, design, implementation, integration (inc \w DRF)
- Search, job queues, AWS, Git, testing, server orchestration + more

Amongst the technically notable things I've built include an advanced SaaS product for actioning, consuming and managing web archiving content, a tool for diffing web archives on-the-fly, a credit checking service, systems for syncing CardDAV servers, services for syncing JIRA and Zendesk – as well as a variety of payment integrations, ecommerce functionality and organization/user management features within SaaS products.

I also write blog posts and maintain a few projects on GitHub. If you’re interested in hiring me drop me a line, I am currently looking for remote contracts/roles.

A true Drupal expert

Hire me if you want a true Drupal expert.

I have 8 years of full time Drupal development experience. I have led projects for clients such as NBA, Major League Soccer, Waste Management, Stanford University, Olympus, and Smosh.

I wrote the O'Reilly book "Responsive Theming for Drupal" and I'm currently writing "Drupal Deconstructed" which is a detailed explanation of how Drupal works.

I am well known and well respected in the community and I have many contributions to Drupal contrib projects and Drupal core.

Android developer passionate about great products

I'm a developer passionate about building great products. After failing at my own startup, and working as a CTO for another startup, I'm focusing on building Android apps.

iOS engineer with an MFA in creative writing and BA in computer science

Long ago I worked at Bell/AT&T Laboratories, creating a search engine. With a partner from the Labs, I went on to create ByteCourier, a precursor to Dropbox. I then moved to Boston and worked for a dev shop, contributing to web-based applications, for another year. Then I got sick of all that cold with no fun to be made of it and moved to Utah to be a ski instructor for four winters. Back in NYC I got a graduate degree in creative writing and became a high-stakes jury consultant. 

I got back into software working on the first out-of-the-box iOS book app for small publishers, particularly Human Rights Watch. 

Last year I spent 6 months as a lead iOS developer at an early-stage startup. 

I volunteer iOS work for the homelessness-relief charity WeShelter. 

I'm hoping to contribute to iOS projects that have something positive, however modestly so, to offer the user/world. I have more experience working in Objective-C than Swift, though I'm happy to take on projects in either language. I am also eminently qualified to contribute on the strategy and content development end.

Right now I'm freelance web developer. Have some part-time maintenance upon request projects . Worked with landing pages, business websites, e-commerce. Sometimes in collaboration with other developers.

Senior iOS Engineer

I'm an entrepreneur and seasoned iOS engineer that has a proven track record of delivering high quality consumer applications. I have a wealth of experience architecting apps from the ground up, and I enjoy creating seamless, polished experiences that delight users.

I've worked at SF startups that range from very early to mid stage, and I'm eager to take what I've learned into my next role. I'm looking for a place where I can have a big impact and do awesome work.

Rockstar Android Developer

I started out in Web Development in 2010, was a freelancer for awhile, then got a job at a company in Boulder, CO called Markit On Demand.

I left Markit in November 2013, and decided to go freelance Android, starting in January 2014.

Since that time I've worked on nearly 20 apps for clients including Bleacher Report, Florida Hospital, The HCI Group, and Origins.

I specialize in using the latest Android technology to achieve the maximum user experience, including Material Design, Activity transitions, Social integrations, and location awareness.

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