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User Interface designer

I'm a freelance UI designer who loves clean and usable interfaces. I work on mobile and web apps

WordPress Des/Development

I specialize in redesigning outdated or underperforming websites.  I transform them into well-designed, lead generating sales machines that generate prospect interest and build brand loyalty.  Web development is more than just clean code (although my code is so clean you could eat off it).  Web development AND design is an amazing opportunity to make an emotional connection with your audience that, when done right, results in a physical, tangible result (phone call, download, purchase, etc.).  I love what I do and my clients love the results I deliver.

Web and UI Designed For Business

You need a website that is simple and clean? 

You need a landing page that generates sales? 

You need help creating your incredible app? 

Simply put, I can help you. Unlike most UI and Web Designers you can find, I have a business mindset. Meaning my designs are not just beautiful, they are created to help your business.

-A website is great, just about any business needs one today. However, it is not just about a clean, modern, easy-to-use website. Your website needs to be designed and developed with your business in mind. Meaning, does it increase sales? Will it get you more newsletter signups so you can build a better email list? Help get the word out to your customers about a new product and actually generate sales?

-Having a great landing page can be the difference between more sales and no sales. You’ll here a lot about conversion rates as well, meaning did the user inquire about your product or sign up for your newsletter? Having created many landing pages for clients in a variety of businesses, I know what works and will help you and your business.

-Apps, Apps and more Apps. It seems to be all everyone talks about these days, right? Well there is a reason. Most users access the web via a mobile device now a days. All of us lead busy lives so there is an app for almost any facet of our lives. While I can create a beautiful user experience for you, that is not the end of the game, it’s about keeping users coming back or even going beyond your welcome screen in the first place.

Let’s chat about your project...

Full-stack Web Developer

I provide the best quality in both my coding and customer service. I am not happy until my client is happy. I have been recognised by multiple web design award websites for my works and also have appeared on the Apple hall of fame.

Welcome to my profile!

I'm Daniel and I'm interested in UI/UX design and general problem solving for users, this is a passion of mine, which I'm working professionally for about 3 years and counting. Currently studying for BA in Graphic Design.

If you have any question or inquiries feel free to contact me :)
Have an awesome day!

Android Developer

Viacheslav Egorenkov is a freelance Developer working in Chon Buri, Thailand.

Working as a software engineer for the last 4 years, being involved in project across different industries. From small creative agencies to the biggest multinational companies.
Dealt with solving problems across the whole web stack, from the devops and the db, to the front-end and the styling.
Always kept a priority of delivering clean, maintainable code as simple and performant as possible.
Worked with several approaches on the front-end part, including the libraries/frameworks and the tools around them.
Some of the libraries/frameworks: jQuery, knockout, angular, react, gulp, browserify.
Included in the node.js team, helping with the i18n of the project.
Lately investing into learning more about functional programming by doing small apps in Elm and Haskell.

Would love to hear about your project and the problem you are trying to solve.

Graphic / UX & UI / Front-End Designer && Art Director

I'm the owner and operator of Haiikuu Design, a design firm based in Denver, CO specifically for  the cannabis industry. 

In my free time I write and illustrate children's books. 

Currently I am only working with cannabis related clients, but I can make an exception for Branding & Logotyping since I love it so much.


Lou Flores is a freelance Art Director working in Phoenix, AZ.  Lou specializes in Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Concepting.

Danny Alvarez is a freelance Art Director.  Danny specializes in Automotive, Beverage, and Entertainment.