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jessica bognar is a freelance Art Director.  jessica specializes in B2B, Beauty, and Beer.

Kristal Kinder is a freelance Art Director.  Kristal specializes in Beer, Beverage, and Entertainment.

James Cahill is a freelance Art Director.  James specializes in B2B, Beauty, and Beer.

chris valencius is a freelance Art Director.  chris specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beer.

Andrew Conklin is a freelance Art Director.  Andrew specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beer.

Markandeya Sendan is a freelance Art Director.  Markandeya specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beauty.

Jen Lu is a freelance Art Director.  Jen specializes in Automotive, Beer, and Beverage.

Cerra Buckholz is a freelance Art Director.  Cerra specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beauty.

Vince Cook is a freelance Art Director.  Vince specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beer.

Kevin Watkins is a freelance Art Director.  Kevin specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beauty.

Nicolas Randall is a freelance Art Director.  Nicolas specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beauty.

Marta Ibarrondo is a freelance Art Director.  Marta specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beauty.

Nicholas Luckett is a freelance Art Director working in New York.  Nicholas specializes in Concepting, Producing, and Comping.

Ben Sweitzer is a freelance Art Director.  Ben specializes in Automotive, B2B, and Beauty.

I'm a guy who likes making fun work. If you like fun work, you'll like me.

Chris is an Art Director. He's done work for various agencies around the world, but currently calls Vancouver his home. If you like his work, or you just like to make small talk with Art Directors, you can reach him at, on LinkedIn, or you can just call him at 604.723.0511. 
I like working on anything that has a clear concise brief. When you have one of those, all the great work happens.

Visual Thinker

Integrated visual thinker with a strategic, meticulous streak. Partial to big ideas that blend storytelling, technology and design. ¶ 10+ years of client-facing, hands-on experience ranging from candy to consulting, banking to beer. ¶ Conceptual, strategic approach, from idea through execution.

Tim Blount is a freelance Art Director.  Tim specializes in Ideation, Presentation, and Layout &amp.

Conceptual Senior Art Director

Idea-driven Art Director. VCU Brandcenter grad. Former romance novel designer. My post rom-nov work life has included working at BBH New York, TBWA\Chiat\Day LA and the Brooklyn Brothers for clients such as Crate&Barrel, The Guardian, The Grammys and non-profits.

Hello! I'm an integrated Art Director currently based in Brooklyn.

writer / director / enthusiast

I make cool stuff for fun and profit.

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